Enfants en marinières sur la plage
Quality, openness and commitment have guided us for four generations.
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1922 Creation of the textile company

Armand Le Guen - Manufacture founder
Armand Le Guen - Manufacture founder

Armand Le Guen, sailor of the French Navy, launches the manufacture of oilskins and smocks for fishermen in Iceland facing terrible conditions in the seas of the far north.

He makes marine clothing from recycled tent canvas in his cutting workshop on rue des 8 Patriotes in Paimpol.

In 1937, Armand Le Guen opened the first boutique on rue des 8 Patriotes in Paimpol.

1950 The second generation specializes in the pea coat and the kabig

Honoré Dalmard, Annick Le Guen et leur fille Dominique
Honoré Dalmard, Annick Le Guen et leur fille Dominique

After the Second World War, Armand Le Guen's daughter, Annick Le Guen and her husband Honoré Dalmard, took over the family business.

They rely on the know-how of seamstresses at home to make the pea coat and the kabig in woolen cloth.

In 1962, the company opened a "Dalmard Marine" shop on Place du Martray in Paimpol, on the site of the Hôtel Continental.

The pea coat and its history

1965 The first sailor sweater for children in partnership with Tricomer

Pull marin pour enfant

In 1965, the company created the first sailor sweater for children in partnership with Tricomer.

In 1968 and 1972, she opened two retail stores on rue de Rome and rue de Rennes in Paris.

1982 The third generation develops the points of sale

Thierry et Soizic Dalmard
Thierry et Soizic Dalmard

In 1982, Thierry and Soizic Dalmard took over the company.

Relying on several partner production units in Europe, they never stop thinking about the sustainability of the clothes they make.

They develop, thanks to their network of commercial agents, their points of sale in Brittany, Canada, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and Ireland.

1997 Collaboration Agnès B x Dalmard Marine

In 1997, Dalmard Marine collaborated with the famous brand Agnès B for the manufacture of a yellow kabig for the Japanese market.

The same year, Thierry and Soizic Dalmard created the first website for the sale of marine clothing in Brittany.

2000 Opening of the direct factory store on the port of Paimpol

La maison du caban
La maison du caban sur le port de Paimpol

Dalmard Marine opens a direct factory store on the port of Paimpol in the spirit of traditional Scandinavian houses. The company also set up its offices there.

2017 The fourth generation reinvents itself

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Born in Paimpol, Maxime Dalmard, one of the four sons of Thierry and Soizic Dalmard, takes over the family business after an international career as an engineer.

In November 2017, Dalmard Marine received the Trophée des Eponymes at the Senate in Paris. This Trophy honors leaders whose name is that of an owner family.

In 2018, the company became an official textile supplier and distributor of the Belem Foundation.

Aboard the Belem

2019 Collaboration Eden Park x Dalmard Marine

Caban homme Eden Park x Dalmard Marine
Caban homme Eden Park x Dalmard Marine, collection automne - hiver 2019

Dalmard Marine collaborates with international brand Eden Park on the creation and design of a rugby-inspired pea coat.

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2020 Production of masks for the general public for non-sanitary use

Wishing to contribute to the national effort to fight against the coronavirus, Dalmard Marine manufactures from April 2020 masks tested by the DGA for 30 washes.
State services and professionals have called on the company to protect citizens, employees and the population against COVID-19.

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2021 Dalmard Marine recycles pea coats

Sac cabas en caban recyclé
Ce sac cabas a été confectionné en caban recyclé dans l’atelier Dalmard Marine à Paimpol. Une pièce unique et chargée d'histoire.

In 2021, the company is taking a new step in favor of a circular model by launching its national program for the transformation and recycling of pea coats in its workshop in Paimpol.


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