Caban rouge pour femme et bonnet bleu marine

A brand committed to sustainable fashion

Dalmard Marine is a committed textile company that takes concrete action to limit its environmental, social and societal impacts. On the environmental side, following our Bilan Carbone® carried out in 2022, our company is certified by Karbon Ethic, an association which supports low-carbon transition initiatives.

Designing clothing that lasts over time

Our century-old know-how is the main guarantee of the quality of our clothes, which are designed to last over time and be passed on, like our iconic peacoat in French woolen cloth. They are our signature and our pride !

From rigorous quality controls to the repair of small tears and maintenance advice, we want each garment to accompany our customers for as long as possible.

90% of our raw materials are French like the wool cloth that makes up our real peacoat. All the raw materials used are environmentally friendly, respectful of human health and animal welfare.

In addition, we maintain trusting relationships with our suppliers, based on the long term  and shared requirements in terms of environmental, social and societal responsibility.

Defended local know-how

Many brands lower their prices excessively. They sell at a loss and betray consumers. This translates into pressure in the factories, very often outside Europe, which are asked to sell at a lower price.

At Dalmard Marine, we produce in a reasoned way and remunerate the entire production chain at fair value. We are committed to defending local know-how and supporting production capacities in France. Depending on the season, the availability of production units, the volume and the models, we call on European partners with a strictly identical quality result.

Contribute to a circular economy

Convinced that clothes are made to live several lives, we contribute to a circular economy with our recycling and transformation program for all brands of wool coats. Since April 2021, we have collected 4.5 tons of peacoats in our Paimpol workshop.

We set up Breton partnerships with associations of the social and solidarity economy and companies adapted for the manufacture of recycled wool coats (peacoat, dufffle coat...) accessories as well as with the CASCI in Paimpol (structure for integration through economic activity) to scrap recycling.

Discover our recycling program

Create clothes for every morphology

Too many people cannot wear certain clothes because of their morphology. At Dalmard Marine, we make it a point of honour to offer a wide choice of sizes.

We dress women from 34 to 54 and men from 38 to 66.

Our ambassadors

Raising awareness of the need to use products more responsibly

We are very committed to developing the skills of our crew: training courses on climate issues, on recycling and transforming used woollen coats, etc. 

On a daily basis, we encourage our customers and our community to change their individual behaviour and consume less but better. To adopt more sustainable consumption habits in the textile sector, we need to ask ourselves the right questions: 

In the firm belief that everyone should take action to limit their environmental, social and societal impacts, we have been part of the Make Friday Green Again collective since 2019, to encourage sensible and responsible consumption.