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"My peacoat is my superheroine cape"

In the world of sailors, the peacoat is much more than just a wool coat, it's a second skin that can withstand sea spray, swells and the fiercest winds. Today, we take you to meet Julie Mira, an experienced and passionate nautical coach, who shares her story with us about the Dalmard Marine peacoat.

"The authentic sailor peacoat"

Ever since she was a little girl, Julie Mira has remembered wearing peacoats. She's been wearing a "Dalmard Marine" for some fifteen years now. She never takes it off. For her, "the Dalmard Marine coat has always been the true and authentic sailor peacoat".

The peacoat, originally called "qaba"

It was the first European sailors in the 15th century who popularized the use of this warm, water-repellent garment. From the Maghreb, they would have taken and transformed a small cape, known locally as a "qaba", which was worn by Barbary pirates. The peacoat was adapted for use in the Royal Navy from the 1800s. In France, it was first described in 1845 in a letter from the Minister of the Navy.

"I'm more confident and self-assured"

Julie's choice fell on the Detroit Or, one of the brand's iconic models. "I fell in love with it when I tried it on". This model combines femininity and elegance thanks to its slim fit, the quality of the French wool cloth and its gold buttons. "When I wear my peacoat, I feel more confident and self-assured. It's my superhero cape. It protects me from all the elements, whether wind or rain. It gives me comfort, warmth and protection, especially with its shoulder-length cut, which gives it stature and character."

"It's a timeless piece in my dressing room"

We asked Julie how to wear a woman's peacoat. For her, the peacoat is "all-purpose". It's the coat for every situation. Whether she's wearing boots or sneakers, a turtleneck, a sweater, a shirt or a sailor suit, the peacoat has been a must-have for the past 15 years. "It's a timeless piece of my wardrobe. I can't do without it." 

Adding accessories allows her to personalize her outfits. To add a unique touch, Julie opts for a brooch, a beanie and, of course, a handbag. "I wear it unbuttoned most of the time to give my style a less strict, more casual feel."