Couturière qui recycle les cabans à l'atelier

Our recycling program of your old pea coats

The textile industry is today one of the biggest causes of global pollution. In this context, we act for responsible consumption.
In 2021, we are taking a new step in favor of a circular model by launching our national program for the transformation and recycling of pea coats.

Dalmard Marine recycles your peacoats in exchange for a voucher.

How it works ?

Step 1: You sort through your cupboards and find a pea coat that you no longer wear.

Step 2: You complete the form below and receive a prepaid return label in your mailbox as soon as possible.

Step 3: You ship your pea coat free of charge within 10 days to the Dalmard Marine workshop, Quai Armand Dayot, 22500 PAIMPOL.

Step 4: You will receive a voucher in your mailbox in the form of a reduction code of up to €50, valid for Dalmard Marine peacoats online.
See the detailed terms and conditions of the program

Giving a second life to pea coats

In favor of « consuming less but better », we favor French raw materials, manufacture 100% of our clothes in Europe, remunerate the entire production chain at fair value and limit our stocks.

In 2021, we are offering people who aspire to more sustainable fashion the opportunity to participate in our new national pea coat transformation and recycling programme. Objective: give a second life to the pea coats you no longer wear.

So we offer you to send us your pea coat, all brands, free of charge. To thank you, you will receive a voucher worth a maximum of €50, to be used for a Dalmard Marine pea coat.

Transformed and recycled pea coats

Upon receipt in our Paimpol workshop, we sort your peacoats. Depending on their composition, either we extend their life cycle by transforming them, or we recycle them thanks to our local partnership with the workshops and integration sites of the CASCI (Paimpol).

The pieces, which are more than 70% wool, are transformed (or up-cycled) by our team in the Paimpol workshop and in several integration workshops in Brittany and Loire-Atlantique. The accessories and objects created are then offered for sale.

As for the pieces made of less than 70% wool, they are recovered by the CASCI, structure for integration by economic activity (SIAE) then recycled into padding, insulation, thread, etc. by the approved sorting center Gébétex (Vernon, in Normandy).

Find it in the store

Small pouch in recycled pea coat 

à partir de 29 €

Pouch in recycled pea coat

à partir de 24 €

Docker miki hat in recycled pea coat

à partir de 34 €

Recycled pea coat pouch

à partir de 59 €

Three-slot card holder made of recycled pea coat

à partir de 12 €

Glasses case in recycled pea coat

à partir de 9 €

Round bag in recycled pea coat

à partir de 89 €

15 inch laptop sleeve in recycled pea coat

à partir de 69 €

13 inch laptop sleeve in recycled pea coat

à partir de 64 €

Six-slot card holder made of recycled pea coat

à partir de 19 €

Pencil case made of recycled pea coat

à partir de 6 €