Détail de la machine à coudre

From designing to end of life of the pea coat

Our century-old know-how is the main guarantee of the quality of the pea coats that we create and manufacture in the purest tradition.
Dalmard Marine is committed to more responsible fashion. A wool pea coat emits between 100 and 150 kg of CO2. To reduce its carbon impact, Dalmard Marine acts at each stage of the peacoat's life cycle.

1 The design of a pea coat model

Croquis de l'OSLO

The models, materials and finishes of our pea coats are imagined and designed by our crew in our offices in Paimpol, Brittany.

2 Prototyping

Studied in detail to guarantee solidity and functionality, our prototype peacoats are tested for sale in our stores in the port of Paimpol.


3 The choice of materials

Détails de l'épaule et du col du caban

We pay a lot of attention to the choice of buttons, linings and all those little details that make our pea coats unique. 

We are committed to favouring the use of French raw materials, respectful of the environment, human health and animal well-being.

To design our real pea coat, we use French woollen cloth, a warm, hard-wearing, breathable and water-repellent fabric. Our historical supplier is based in the Tarn, an exceptional French company, certified “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant”. 

The stages in the manufacture of French woollen cloth


4 Marking

Le marquage des drap de laine avant découpe

On the French waterproof wool sheet that we use, every detail of the peacoat is marked there to have a perfect cut.

5 Cutting and placement

La découpe des différentes pièces qui composeront le caban

Once the marking is complete, each part of the pea coat is carefully cut in one of our partner production units.

All the pieces of the peacoat are then joined together to form the finished product.

6 Assembling

L'assemblage des pièces du caban

100% of our pea coats are made in Europe. We decide, depending on the season, the availability of factories, the volume and the models, to produce our pea coats in a one of our partner units. 

The workshops that we work with are selected according to their know-how and their availability. The quality result is identical from one model to another.  

7 Finishing

Bouton doré ancre de marine

The final details, like buttons, are added and give our peacoats their character.

8 Quality Control

Le col du caban

Every detail of each peacoat is rigorously checked at several levels of the chain throughout the manufacturing process.

Our crew carries out the last check in Paimpol before offering our pea coats for sale.

9 The distribution

Les cabans en rayons de vente

Dalmard Marine pea coats are available in our stores in the port of Paimpol, in our partner sales outlets and on the Internet.

our point of sales

10 The usage of the pea coat

By repairing small snags and giving maintenance advice to our customers, we increase the life span of the pea coat. If a Dalmard Marine pea coat is worn for 10 years, it emits between 10 and 15kg of CO2/year. If it is worn for 25 years, it emits 4 to 6kg of CO2/year.

Our tips for maintaining your pea coat

11 The end of life of the pea coat

Thanks to a programme that transforms and recycles woollen coats (pea coats, duffles, etc.), we can give a second life to the pea coats you no longer wear.

Learn more about our program