Détails du col et du bouton de manteau

How do you care for your woolen coat and sweater?

You are very attached to the quality of the clothes you buy, but do you know how to maintain them so that they accompany you as long as possible? Follow our expert advice.

Our tips for caring for your peacoat or woolen coat

  1. Wool is a "living" material that requires you to let it rest from time to time.
  2. Hang your coat on a hanger. In car, lay it flat and do not drive wearing it.
  3. Brush it regularly with a suitable brush.
  4. Occasionally clean the collar and the ends of the sleeves with a dry cloth.
  5. Never wash it in the washing machine.
  6. Take it to the dry cleaners from time to time without having it re-waterproofed. If it is a duffle coat, insulate the leather ties.
  7. Do not use acidic cleaners such as scarlet water, vinegar, etc. 
  8. Do not put in contact with a heat source : clean with cold water, keep away from radiators, do not use steam, etc. 

Our tips for caring for your wool sweater or cardigan

  1. Wash your garment in the machine with the delicate programme.
  2. Dry it flat or on a hanger so that it retains its original shape.
  3. Avoid the dryer, which wears clothes out more quickly.
  4. Iron it on a low iron.

Each stain has its stain remover !

Your garment will forgive you all stains, provided :

  1. You act quickly.
  2. That you place under your clothing a clean and absorbent fabric.
  3. That you never put hot water on a greasy stain.
  4. That you use the correct stain remover for the stain in question.
  5. That you entrust your garment to a specialist in case of doubt.