Femme devant le bâtiment bleu et rouge de Dalmard Marine sur le port de Paimpol en caban
The pea coat has accompanied adventurers and travelers for centuries all over the world. A story to which Dalmard Marine is particularly attached.
Thus, we pay a lot of attention to the names of our pea coats and this is how for decades our pea coats bear the names of major international ports.

The original Detroit pea coat

Pea coat women fitted cut made of wool

à partir de 379 €

Honor to the ladies, we begin our presentation with our fitted peacoat for women, the “Detroit” model.

The fifth largest city in the United States and a major port city, Detroit is located on the Detroit River in the American Midwest. The city was founded in 1701 by a Frenchman, Antoine de Lamothe-Cadillac.

Its name comes from the French word “détroit”, in reference to the river connecting the two lakes Saint-Clair and Erie.

The “Detroit Gold” pea coat takes on a sailor style while keeping a touch of femininity with its fitted cut, underlined by a martingale in the back. Thanks to its navy anchor buttons in gold metal and its navy blue color, this peacoat brings elegance to your outfit.

The real Toulon pea coat

Let's continue with one of the brand's flagship men's products: the "Toulon" pea coat.

Inspired by the French Navy, this model refers to the vast French trading port located in the Var. First military port in Europe, it now occupies a strategic position on the Mediterranean axis.

With its navy anchor buttons in gold metal and its navy blue color, this short pea coat goes perfectly with your casual outfits.

Pea coat men straight cut French Navy made of wool

à partir de 369 €

The authentic Oslo pea coat

Pea coat men straight cut made of wool

à partir de 369 €

Finally, let’s talk about the authentic “Oslo” men’s pea coat. Capital of Norway, Oslo is located on the south coast of the country, at the bottom of the Oslofjord. Since the Viking Age, Norway has seen the birth of great explorers. In the year 1000, Leiv Eriksson entered the history books by discovering America. Since then, Norwegians' innate need for travel has taken them to every corner of the planet.

Its traditional straight cut, its black metal marine anchor buttons and its 5 interior and exterior pockets make this pea coat chic and elegant, but it can also be worn with more casual outfits.