Siblings from Paimpol cross Europe by bike

On August 16, 2021, Adrien, Antoine and Apolline, three siblings, returned from their European bike tour. In 11 months, they covered more than 15,000 km generating very little waste.
How about we tell you their story ?

The story of three adventurers

They are between 18 and 22 years old and each of them has just graduated, the perfect time to take a year off. So, in September 2020, they made a crazy bet: link Paimpol to Hanoi by bike! Faced with the Covid-19 crisis, they had to return to Europe after 9 months. For 11 months, these brothers and sisters imagined an itinerary adapted to the sanitary context. They travelled the roads of Europe, crossing Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Turkey, North Macedonia, Moldova and many other countries. Staying most of the time with locals, they learned a lot from contact with very different cultures. And to accompany them on their adventure: our Andrea and Angel sailor sweaters created in Paimpol, their home port.

The zero waste trip !

“By bike” is the project of the siblings from Paimpol committed to the climate. The "3 A's" like the first three letters of their respective first names, have decided to combine their trip with an eco-responsible approach. During their journey, they are committed to limiting their impact on the environment by approaching zero waste. They refuse packaging, disposable cutlery..., equip themselves with reusable boxes, cotton bags, solid soaps, gourds... The three brothers and sisters also make the inhabitants aware of sorting and recycling as soon as they can.

While waiting for their next trip, Apolline and Antoine have restarted their studies while Adrien is starting his first job.

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