Myyra Tyliann dans la série « La faute à Rousseau »

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Since 2016, Dalmard Marine peacoats have appeared on the big and small screen.
After Julia Piaton and Medhi Djaadi, it's Myra Tyliann's turn in 2021 to wear one of our peacoats for her role in the series "Rousseau's fault" on France 2.

Myra Tyliann with our “Brest” peacoat

In February 2021 on France 2, the series “Rousseau’s fault” was released. It is the story of a philosophy teacher, brilliant and atypical, who gives his students the weapons to face their adolescent problems. As he helps his students move forward, he is struggling himself in his life.

In this series, we dress Myra Tyliann with our “Brest” straight cut peacoat. The actress plays a brilliant and very determined young high school student, named Aïcha.

Julia Piaton wears one of the brand's flagship peacoats

In the series "Le secret d'Elise" released on TF1 in 2016, the heroine Julia Piaton plays the role of Ariane Letilleul, a mother confronted with the death of her child. On this occasion, the actress is wearing one of our flagship peacoats : the fitted "Detroit" model.

The series "Le secret d'Elise" tells the story of three families at three different times.

In 1969 a little girl, Elise, was found drowned in a pond. Several years later, the new tenants discover that their daughter is friends with a ghost, named Elise.

In the clip of the 2016 César Revelations

In 2016, actor Medhi Djaadi was one of the 34 persons nominated for the César for best newcomer for his role in the film "I'm yours right away". In the latter, he plays the role of Hakim, a young man focused on his Algerian roots and his religion.

In the 2016 César Revelations clip, photographer Sonia Sieff stages the actors. It is in this moving clip that we find Medhi Djaadi with our fitted peacoat for men, the “Bilbao”.

Watch the clip of the 2016 revelations