Lilia and Sidney want to save "La Mouette", a shellfish collector

In June 2023, Lilia, 28, and Sidney, 26, set off on an extraordinary adventure: the restoration of "La Mouette", a shellfish collector from the Iroise Sea, while respecting the spirit of the ship. Once saved, "La Mouette" will set off again to roam the coasts as it has done for so many years.


The story of "La Mouette" begins in 1939. This Breton work vessel was built in Finistère, at the Gourmelon shipyard in Camaret, an emblematic town in shipbuilding at that time. "La Mouette" is a sloop from Iroise who fished shellfish with traps during the summer season, and dredged the shell in winter in the harbor of Brest.

Around 1980, this ship was converted to yachting at Le Conquet. It then remained on strike for several years during the health crisis and his condition worsened.


Since they fell in love with "La Mouette", Lilia and Sidney have had a dream: to save it in the French maritime heritage. They wish to respect its history and its forms which represent an era, when sailors worked only under sail, without an engine.

Because Lilia is from Paimpol and because this city is one of the main fishing and pleasure ports overlooking the Channel, these two enthusiasts have started the restoration work at the Voiles et Traditions shipyard here.

When "La Mouette" is restored, Lilia and Sidney wish to rediscover, practice and experiment with sailing maneuvers and disseminate this new knowledge acquired, in particular through an illustrated book of sketches.


To make their dream come true, Lilia and Sidney created the Coquillier "La Mouette" association. They need €90,000, one third of which is for wood.

Thanks to the first sponsors (including Dalmard Marine) and self-financing, they will start work in June 2023. The duration of the project is estimated between one and a year and a half.

To save "La Mouette" in the French maritime heritage, you can make a donation on the platform of the Heritage Foundation : Bateau La Mouette (

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