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How to wear a sailor sweater ?

The Breton sailor sweater is a garment full of history that symbolizes French elegance. Uni-colored or striped, you'll never tire of the authentic sailor sweater. It allows you to oscillate between all styles. In this article, you'll find all our advice on how to wear a sailor sweater, for men and women alike. Discover our tips on how to wear a sailor sweater in style, an essential symbol of our maritime heritage.

The authentic sailor look

Pair your classic sailor sweater with chino pants or raw denim jeans, white sneakers, and complete your outfit with a beanie, miki or sailor cap. In winter, opt for a wool coat such as a peacoat, kabig or duffle coat for a chic maritime look. Your look with your sailor sweater will be authentic!

A casual , trendy style

For a more casual look, pair your sailor sweater with slim, flare or straight jeans, white sneakers or ankle boots, as well as a trench coat, denim jacket or black leather perfecto. Add a fitted long-sleeved shirt under your sailor sweater for a modern touch, leaving the collar and cuffs showing.

Feminize your look with elegance

For a feminine look, dare to wear your sailor sweater with a dress or skirt of your choice, depending on your figure. You can also tuck the sailor sweater into jeans and add a belt to emphasize your waist. Accessorize with colorful or printed pieces, such as a scarf, clutch or jewelry for a touch of sophistication.

By following these simple but effective tips, you can reinvent your wardrobe and embrace the sailor sweater with confidence and style. Whether for a stroll by the sea or a night out on the town, the sailor sweater remains a timeless choice that embodies both the history and modernity of maritime fashion. With our advice, sublimate your sailor sweater and adopt a timeless and elegant sailor style for any occasion.