Dalmard Marine supports the Récifs Goëlo project

New at Dalmard Marine
The Récifs Goëlo association has just immersed three artificial reefs off the coast of Ost Pic, in the Côtes d'Armor, France. This scientific and educational experiment is a first in Brittany. Committed to the planet, Dalmard Marine supports Récifs Goëlo in this biodiversity protection project.

In June 2022, Récifs Goëlo installs the artificial reefs

Created in 2016, the Récifs Goëlo association is first and foremost a small group of boating friends concerned about the marine wildlife. Based on the observation that the biodiversity of the Port Lazo in Plouézec is depleting, the association proposes the immersion of artificial reefs.

Following a long period of research, consultation and building a network, the association confirms the continuity of this project. Three reefs are manufactured at the ESITC, Caen engineering school, and monitoring is provided by the Dinard Natural History Museum. In June 2022, Récifs Goëlo installs these artificial reefs on a 25m² area prohibited to fishing and diving off the coast of Ost Pic.

These biometric reefs (imitating nature) are designed as dead bodies with a diameter of 1.60m by 1.30m high and weighing 2.9 tons. Composed of three circular bodies, 20% comes from shell waste.

A living laboratory

The experimental area where the artificial reefs are installed is intended to be a living laboratory. Observations are an educational tool to raise public awareness and analyze the state of biodiversity in the area and to change it.

Dalmard Marine is proud to support this Breton association in its fight for the preservation of local biodiversity. Echoing its maritime origins, this action is consistent with the values conveyed and the sensitivity felt by the company for the environment.