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New for 2022 : the 100 year old limited edition peacoat

New at Dalmard Marine
This year, Dalmard celebrates its 100th anniversary. Its century-old know-how is the main guarantee of the quality of its garments, designed to last and be passed on. And because the company has built its reputation on its coats, it is launching a limited edition 100 year old coat in 2022.


Each limited edition has been dressed in the tricolor of the French flag. To design these peacoats, Dalmard Marine used a French woolen sheet (made in the Tarn region), an insulating, water-repellent, breathable and comfortable fabric.

A compass on each peacoat

Proud of its Breton origins and its maritime heritage, the brand has embroidered a compass (symbolizing luck, orientation and protection) on each peacoat, an iconic marine garment.  

"Life is an adventure"

Long worn by sailors, the peacoat has accompanied adventurers for centuries around the world. Dalmard Marine has always remained faithful to the history of the peacoat. This is why the brand has embroidered "Life is an adventure" on the bottom left sleeve of each coat.

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