Dalmard Marine ne participera pas au Black Friday

Dalmard Marine acts for responsible consumption

New at Dalmard Marine
Dalmard Marine is part of the collective MAKE FRIDAY GREEN AGAIN, created on the initiative of Faguo. This collective brings together over 200 French brands that do not participate in Black Friday in order to restore reasoned and responsible consumption as much as possible.

The true cost of Black Friday is social and environmental. It makes jobs precarious by not paying manufacturers, brands and stores. It also contributes to climate change by encouraging overproduction.

How about sorting out your wardrobe?

We will devote this Friday, November 29, 2019 to check on what we really need.

We want to make the statistics change: 60% of French people have clothes or consumer items that they never use. So let's repair, donate, sell or recycle the superfluous to create a circular economy and draw less on the planet's resources!

Consume less, but better !

We are deeply convinced that to consume is making a vote!

By choosing responsible brands, you take back the power that is yours and you take concrete action for sustainable and committed consumption !

Our peacoat recycling program