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Choosing a coat for the autumn-winter season is often a dilemma, especially when faced with two timeless styles: the peacoat and the duffle coat. Wondering which one to choose? We show you the arguments to make your choice here.

The origins of the peacoat and duffle coat

Today, these two coats can be seen in fashion shows all over the world. But what are the origins of the peacoat and the duffle coat? 

The peacoat first appeared in the 15th century, thanks to the first European sailors who popularized the use of this warm, water-repellent garment. History tells us that there was a small cape in Maghreb transformed in a garment, known locally as a "qaba", which was worn by Barbary pirates. The peacoat was adapted for use in the Royal Navy from the 1800s. In France, it was first described in 1845 in a letter from the Minister of the Navy. 

The duffle coat, meanwhile, was created for members of the Royal Navy in the 19th century. Thanks to its English origins, the duffle coat is well known in Europe, particularly in France, where it became popular after the Second World War.

Insulation, breathability, comfort

What the Dalmard Marine peacoat and duffle coat have in common is the fabric used to make them: woollen cloth. This material is insulating, breathable and comfortable.

Woollen cloth is well-known for its ability to retain body heat, making it an ideal choice for colder seasons. Thanks to this high-quality insulation, our coats ensure unrivalled warmth, even in freezing weather.

With superior breathability, it allows moisture to escape while keeping warmth inside. You'll feel comfortable all day long, because our coats promote natural body temperature regulation, preventing overheating and excessive perspiration.

Finally, the softness of the woollen cloth provides exceptional comfort

The Dalmard Marine peacoat and duffle coat are not only functional, but also comfortable to wear. You'll feel good and look good at the same time.

Iconic and authentic

A true partner for your everyday life, the peacoat is available in a range of cuts (straight, fitted or slim-fit) to suit your morphology, and in several colours to match your style. Its wide collar allows you to cover your entire neck. This iconic piece also features double buttoning. Depending on the direction of the wind, you can close the peacoat on either side to keep yourself warm. Steel buttons add character to the peacoat. Depending on the model, they come in black, gold or silver. They are adorned with a marine symbol such as a sea anchor, a compass rose, a coat of arms... It's the perfect detail to finish off your look!

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The duffle coat is a loose-fitting coat made of thick woollen cloth, lined at the shoulders and equipped with two large front pockets. It is characterized by its large, buttoned hood. It protects the neck and nape of the neck, offering extra protection against the elements and icy winds. It closes with Brandenburg buttons made of horn and leather, guaranteeing not only exceptional durability, but also authentic charm. The duffle coat offers exceptional comfort in cold season. You'll feel warm and comfortable whatever the weather.

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As you can see, your choice between peacoats and duffle coats will depend on your needs and your style!

Designed to last with quality raw materials and manufactured 100% in Europe, our models will accompany you for many seasons to come. They'll stand the test of time, making them an economic and ecological choice.