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Men's peacoat : how to wear it ?

The peacoat is a woollen cloth coat that originated with the first European sailors in the 15th century. A must-have in men's wardrobes, this warm, hard-wearing, breathable and water-repellent garment is now a fashion classic. The peacoat comes in a variety of cuts and colours. But how do you wear a man's peacoat? We'll explain everything.

The peacoat for an elegant and dressy outfit : the perfect match

Although the peacoat was originally worn by sailors, it goes perfectly with a dressy outfit. Its high collar brings presence and lets your shirt appear. Its metal buttons give relief to your outfit and it's "the" perfect detail to complete your look! This warm coat is very easy to wear over a suit jacket, provided it is longer than the suit jacket.

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The casual style peacoat : a safe bet

The short or fitted peacoat is easy to wear, in all circumstances. It is easy to associate it with more urban outfits. Combined with raw jeans, sneakers and a miki, it enhances the outfit without overdoing it. By wearing a turtleneck in a contrasting colour, the peacoat will highlight it thanks to its wide collar. If you are a man of small or medium height, prefer rather the short cut.

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What colour for your peacoat ?

It's just a matter of taste and outfit. The peacoat is available in different colours (navy blue, black, grey, and more). All you have to do is choose your favourite colour. Even if navy blue remains the classic colour of the peacoat, black and grey are also very easy to match with the different pieces of your wardrobe!

To ensure that your peacoat stays with you for as long as possible, it is essential to know how to maintain it.

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