Partenariat Dalmard Marine & BPGO
New at Dalmard Marine
Sharing the values of sailing and boating, Banque Populaire Grand Ouest (BPGO) and Dalmard Marine are building a new partnership that makes sense.

BPGO, regional sailing partner

For several years, the sailing partnerships of the BPGO have been part of a real "philosophy": promoting, transmitting and sharing the pleasure of sailing with as many people as possible. Staring with its first multihull in 1989, other “Banques Populaires” would later join the adventure and it was finally the entire Group that would invest in this area.

The BPGO supports the practice of sailing through the support of regional sailing leagues in Brittany, Lower Normandy and Pays de la Loire and local sailing clubs.

Never giving up is also our "philosophy"

Created in 1922 by a sailor from the French Navy in Paimpol, Dalmard Marine is particularly attached to the values ​​of self-transcendence, consistency, commitment and determination in sailing and boating.

Indeed, being passionate, never giving up, believing in yourself, persevering, is also the "philosophy" of our family business for four generations.

Thanks to the BPGO sailing card, benefit from reductions in our online store.