Gazelles de la mer - LaPoste Belem DalmardMarine

Belem wins the hearts of postal workers

41 employees of La Poste, dressed for the second consecutive year by Dalmard Marine, are carrently sailing between Dublin (Ireland) and Bordeaux aboard the Belem.

10 days on the sea

Executives, letter carriers, financial advisers or even directors have been selected to leave for 10 days at sea in order to participate in the Tall Ship Regatta aboard the mythical three-master Belem. The "Sea Gazelles" embarked on June 4th in Dublin. They are currently on their way to Bordeaux. Their arrival is scheduled for June 14th, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the wine festival.

Courage and determination

Manufacturer and official textile distributor of the Belem Foundation, Dalmard Marine greatly admires the courage and determination of the post employees. Most of them did not know the world of the sea before embarking. This is precisely objective from French Post : to allow these women to leave their professional world, but also family, to immerse themselves in an unknown domain where they will get to know each other better and meet challenges. A very beautiful human adventure!

In May 2017, the postwomen set sail aboard the Belem for 10 days of racing between Sones (Portugal) and Las Palmas (Canary Islands).