Kabig revisité par Breizh Angel

A Breton collaboration

New at Dalmard Marine
The expertise of Dalmard Marine wool combined with the creativity of Breizh Angel gives birth to a limited edition of kabigs for the autumn-winter season 2018-2019. This collaboration is driven by a common desire: to revisit traditional Breton codes, while promoting the sustainability of textile expertise in Brittany.

Timeless models

Since its formation in 1922, Dalmard Marine has taken inspiration from seafarer clothing styles, fabrics and emblems to create timeless models. The kabig, one of its flagship pieces, was a hooded jacket designed in the 19th century by “goémoniers” (seaweed farmers) in Brittany, to protect themselves against bad weather. The women's kabig designed for decades by the Paimpol company is a three-quarter coat made from tightly woven wool. It has a hood, a double notched pocket at the front and stitched shoulder pads to prevent run-off from the rain. Its diamond-shaped buttons, or toggles, are made out of boxwood. The notched stitching technique is used to prevent wear and tear.

A feminine kabig, chic and casual

As a matter of course, Breizh Angel collaborated with Dalmard Marine to revisit the traditional kabig. The collaboration between these two Breton brands gave life to a feminine kabig, chic and casual. This model was designed from French raw materials. Made from 80% woollen cloth, this kabig features stitched braces, round buttons, slightly gilded black and laces at the pockets. It exists in 2 colors: navy and red.

On sale in the Western France

In limited edition, this revisited kabig is currently on sale in several shops in the Western France: Comptoir de la Mer at Erquy and Dahouêt (22), Manola at Guingamp (22), N°10 at Perros-Guirec (22), L’art Buste at Brest (29), Open etc. at Lesneven (29), Lady V at Dol de Bretagne (35), Crazy Republic at Rennes, Nantes and Saint Grégoire (35 et 44), Socalis at Saint Nazaire (44), Armoire de Fille at Carnac (56).