Julie Mira - Credit Eric Gachet

Julie coaches sailors, but not only!

Today, we're off to meet one of our ambassadors, Julie Mira, a professional sailor for some fifteen years. In 2019, she founded "Les Marinettes", a company specializing in nautical coaching. Her aim: to give confidence to women who want to sail.

The birth of the Marinettes

From an early age, Julie Mira has been drawn to the marine world. She began by sailing and then regatta racing. She also went on polar expeditions. After sailing in different parts of the world, Julie realized that only 2% of women sail today, and those she met were not captains or at the helm. So, in 2019, she decided to set up her own company specializing in nautical coaching, mainly for women. The Marinettes were born!

Customized coaching

Women call on Julie because they have technical shortcomings, a lack of self-confidence, or a desire to emancipate themselves and take on more responsibility on the boat... Julie provides individual coaching on both technical and mental aspects. This tailor-made coaching enables them to make technical progress on the boat, but also mentally to overcome any obstacles or militant beliefs they may have.

"Since 2019, we have accompanied between 115 and 120 marinettes."

Coaching can be done as a couple in order to resolve dysfunctions (communication, stress management...). Julie also opens her offer to men, as this is a unique, tailor-made form of coaching that differs from other methods of learning to navigate.

"Sailing isn't just a question of muscle or strength, it's above all a question of technique."

The "marinettes" term

You might think that the term "marinettes" comes from pontoon slang and refers to a sailor hostess, who has to take care of many tasks on board other than navigation. However, this is a much older story. The term refers to the women who, during the Second World War, joined the ranks of the French Navy and campaigned for the right to be taken on board and have access to the same positions as men.

"We can't change the terms, but we can change the image we have of them."

"The practical guide for sailors" and "Children on board".

In addition to her coaching activities, Julie has written two books: "Le guide pratique des voileuses" published in 2021 by Vagnon and "Enfants à bord" published in 2023 by Voiles et Voiliers.

The first is a learning guide for women. It is both technical and accessible, and tackles realistic on-board issues such as menstruation management, hygiene and communication within a couple...

"Enfants à bord" is aimed at families wishing to share their summer sailing experiences, or preparing for a long voyage with their children. Julie Mira created the watercolor illustrations, like a travel diary.

Julie Mira embodies a new generation of women sailors who are breaking stereotypes and inspiring other women to follow their dreams at sea.

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