Dalmard Marine à Hambourg

Success for the Dalmard Marine peacoat in Hamburg!

New at Dalmard Marine
Last week, we went to meet our resellers in Hamburg, Germany. They have been selling our peacoat in French wool for a few years.

Born in Paimpol in 1922, Dalmard Marine has a special love for ports around the world! In Hamburg, the peacoat is a huge success.

“The entrance to the world from Germany”

As one of the 16 Länder that are part of Germany, Hamburg is located in the north of the country, near the mouth of the Elbe and near the North Sea. It is the 2nd largest city in Germany (after Berlin).

This city was destroyed over 80% during the Second World War, it was subsequently rebuilt and today represents a very interesting metropolis: it is both the largest port in the country and a city teeming with canals, bridges and green spaces.

This port is nicknamed “the entrance to the world of Germany”. It is the 3rd largest port in Europe in tonnage (after Rotterdam in the Netherlands and Antwerp in Belgium), as well as the 9th largest container port in the world and the 22nd largest port in the world for traded goods.

Like the port of Paimpol on a smaller scale, the port of Hamburg is certainly one of the main drivers of the local economy. Today, it generates more than 150,000 direct jobs in Hamburg and its region: it is the hub of trade with Eastern and Northern Europe. Located 120 km from the sea, it can accommodate the largest international container ships.

Our peacoat is exported!

For around thirty years, Dalmard Marine has been developing its export sales outlets, particularly in Germany. In Hamburg, our Frenchwoollen peacoat is a sensation! Because of the cold winters experienced by Hamburg’s inhabitants (the average temperature in January is around zero) and their maritime culture, the peacoat is a flagship piece of every wardrobe. This explains whysince so many years we work with retailers in Hamburg. Thick and flexible at the same time, the woollen cloth used to make our peacoats is a fabric that is warm, water-repellent, windproof and comfortable. To discover our points of sale in Hamburg or elsewhere, do not hesitate to fill in the online form to receive the list of our points of sale by email.