Reportage de France 3 Bretagne dans les locaux de Dalmard Marine

Not without my pea coat!

New at Dalmard Marine
Last October, Dalmard Marine welcomed France 3 Bretagne onto their premises at Paimpol. Just like the Breton hat or salted butter caramel, the pea coat and the kabic are an important part of Breton heritage.

The pea coat, one of Brittany’s star products

France 3 Bretagne devotes its programme “Itinéraire Bretagne” to the products that this region is famous for. From among the Breton garments known worldwide, France 3 Bretagne has expressed an interest in the Dalmard Marine pea coat and kabic. A change from the striped sweater, shell jacket and Breton raincoat!

This report informs viewers of the family expertise within the company, the history and characteristics of the pea coat and kabic, the evolution of clothes manufacturing and much more. Look out for our new designs for 2018!