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From sketches to production

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Expert of the pea coat, Dalmard Marine designs and produces its maritime-inspired clothing using the same high-quality, traditional techniques since 1922. Its styles, fabrics and finishes are devised and sketched out by its teams in Paimpol, Brittany. With a hugely rigorous approach to finishing its garments, Dalmard Marine favors the use of French raw materials : waterproof wool, worsted cotton, buttons made from steel, boxwood or horn, etc. Closely scrutinised to ensure robustness and practicality, its prototypes are market-tested in Paimpol. The teams then ensure that the orders and production cycle are strictly monitored in France and across Europe. These different stages allow the brand to offer quality products.

French pea coat

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The brand’s pea coats, kabigs and coats have been made for decades using waterproof wool cloth, an insulating, breathable and comfortable fabric. This wool is made by an outstanding French producer, “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (Living Heritage Company), whose expertise attracts distinguished high-fashion brands. From the spinning to the finishing of the wool, only high-quality procedures are followed. The felting process allows a heavy, super-resistant fabric to be produced. The combined action of warm water and soap causes the flakes, which form the wool fibres, to open up. The fibres then hook onto each other, thanks to the various movements applied. Due to the high density of the material after this process, the fabric is waterproof and windproof. The wool also undergoes an anti-pilling treatment which gives it a firmer hand.

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