Portuguese Gentleman, au Palais royal de Queluz à Sintra, porte un caban Dalmard Marine

The Portuguese Gentleman chose our pea coat

Marco Da Cunha, called the "Portuguese Gentleman" on social networks (19400 followers on Instagram), makes us discover the National Palace of Queluz in Sintra. A fascinating and romantic destination.

Villas and palaces in pastel colors

Sintra (formerly "Cintra") is a city of 33,000 inhabitants located 25 km north-west of Lisbon. The perfect harmony between nature and the heritage of the city has led UNESCO to classify the city as Cultural Heritage of Humanity, in the category "Cultural Landscape", in 1995. Very ancient royal shrine, it presents land wooded dotted with villas and palaces in pastel colors.

"Portuguese Versailles"

Often nicknamed the "Portuguese Versailles", the Queluz National Palace is one of the last great Rococo buildings built in Europe. It was designed in the 18th century as a summer resort for Peter III of Braganza, king consort and future husband of Queen Marie Iere, his niece. Following a major fire in 1934, which ravaged the interior, the palace was considerably restored, and today welcomes the public as a tourist monument.

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