Caban rouge femme

Jackets, pea-coats and coats in red for women : our selection of ultra-chic models

Red is one of the favourite colours of Brigitte Macron, known throughout the world for perpetuating the chic "à la Française". Bright and warm, red brings energy. For you ladies, we have compiled an inspiring list of six models of jackets, pea coats and coats, each as elegant as the next.

The jacket « Nice »

This short jacket is suitable for tall or short, thin or curvy women. Its two rows of golden buttons and its high collar bring originality and elegance to your outfit. Composed of 80% waterproof wool, the "Nice" jacket keeps you warm for mid-season.

The jacket « Chinon »

"Chinon" is the name we have given to this elegant jacket for all circumstances. Its officer collar dresses your neck and its metal buttons with coat of arms make all the difference. Designed in 80% waterproof wool, this lightweight jacket is perfect for mid-season.

The pea-coat « Brest »

Timeless, the “Brest” pea-coat combines comfort and elegance. Its straight cut gives you ease in your movements and its metal buttons marked with a compass rose give the "smart" touch to this pea coat. Composed of 80% waterproof wool, it gives character to your outfit.

The pea-coat « Ouessant »

The “Ouessant” pea coat is distinguished by its metal buttons marked with coats of arms. Made of 80% waterproof wool, this pea-coat keeps you warm while remaining dressed. Its straight cut allows it to be worn regardless of morphology with a casual or dressier outfit.

The coat « Brighton »

This fitted coat is synonymous of elegance with its martingale in the back that emphasizes the waist. The "Brighton" is designed to perfectly highlight your shape. Its officer collar and coat of arms metal buttons give relief to this coat, ideal for neat outfits. Its 80% waterproof wool composition will keep you warm and this flamboyant red is the perfect colour to complete your look.

The pea coat « Carnac »

Its length and its fitted cut at the waist with a pretty martingale make this piece and your outfit elegant. Designed in 80% waterproof wool, it is the perfect pea coat to fight against the winter cold. Its collar and its double buttoning with silver metal buttons take up the codes of the iconic pea coat.

What to wear with these red models ?

Our jackets, coats and pea-coats presented above go just as well with a dress as with jeans or straight or slim pants. To finish your outfit, we advise you to put on a nice pair of heeled shoes, a pair of leather ankle boots or trendy white sneakers depending on your style.