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Dalmard Marine dresses the "Gazelles de la mer"

For the second consecutive year, Dalmard Marine dresses the 41 postal workers who currently sail between Dublin (Ireland) and Bordeaux aboard Belem.

Expected arrival on June 14

Managers, postwomen, financial councillors and establishment directors were selected to participate for a 10-day race in the Tall Ship Regatta aboard the legendary Belem three-master. The "Gazelles de la mer" embarked on June 4 in Dublin. They are currently on their way to Bordeaux. Expected arrival on June 14, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the wine festival.

Courage and determination

This collaboration makes a lot of sense for Dalmard Marine. Official supplier of the professional crew of the Belem school ship since 2013, we are very appreciative of the courage and determination of the postal workers. Most of them did not know the world of the sea before boarding. This is the goal of La Poste : to allow these women to leave their professional world, but also family, to immerse themselves in an unknown area where they will get to know each other better and to face challenges.

A very beautiful human adventure!

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