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The sailor sweater’s story that has not seen the sea

Bertrand bought himself an authentic sailor sweater Dalmard Marine four years ago now. Since then, his sailor sweater accompanies him in all his “terrestrial adventures”, in the Netherlands, in Bolivia, in Morocco … Born on a land of travelers, we wanted to share with you his testimony.

Since then, this sailor sweater never left me

“In May 2015, I bought a Dalmard Marine sailor sweater at your Paimpol store. When I first came into your shop four years ago, I had left the south of France by bike for two weeks or more, and, tired of wearing the same fleece, I wanted to give myself a little pleasure. Since then, this sweater never left me. In one year of journey, he has crossed many adventures terrestrial …

My only ally against the cold of the Bolivian highlands

Brittany, of course, but also the south of England, a little bit of Wales, Ireland, Scotland, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal. It  was even my only ally against the cold of the Bolivian highlands (see photo above) while I lost my windbreaker. It remained faithful in Argentina, Chile, New Zealand and Morocco. In the end, it only knew one sea crossing: that of the port of Tangier to that of Sète … and today I still wear it. It has experienced a hook-up expressly repaired to the thread and the needle, which is rather pledge of great quality! So much for the story of the sailor sweater who did not see much of the sea but who has been with me all these years.”

You have spent exciting adventures with our clothes? Share them with us:

Travel book

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